The Fear


All the words left unsaid
All the paths we didn’t take,
Held by the fear of going beyond ourselves,
Weight still on my heart.

Fearing the rejection, I rejected
Wanting to seem cool, I grew apart.
My fears tricked me and ran free
Leaving me in this meaningless swirl of life.

(This dangerous illusion that we call comfort
Keeps us captive in a unrealistic nest.
A nest so pleasant and so simple,
that makes us give up on all the rest.

It constantly pulls us in
As we strive into the real world.
It makes us doubt and resist
More than we really would.)

How can a moment define so much?
How can it effortlessly throw us apart?
After all the struggle, all the doors that cracked open,
Just waiting for time and trust to knock them down.

How can fear win over our hearts?

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