Autumn leaves


Autumn Garden Art Print

 “Autumn garden” by Vincent van Gogh


Den Haag in covered by the most beautiful Autumn colours I have ever seen.

I could say that there’s nothing like cycling among these yellowish paths around the city, but walking in parks such as the Clingendael, hearing nothing but the birds and the wind playing with the tree’s leaves, sure beats anything else. The fresh smell of the humid earth makes me feel at home, comfortable and revigorated. Despite the strong (multi-directional) wind, the atmosphere in this park was simple, calm and in every way, perfect.

I was only annoyed by the fact that I could not capture all that life-inspiring landscape in any good way, especially not by painting it, though the urge to do it was immense. Its beauty is really compelling, in a way that I actually feel useless as a mere viewer. For a while I could understand Van Gogh and easily picture him there, sitting with his canvas in front of him while inspiration wasn’t even one of his concerns. Nature itself is inspiration enough, it simply gives us its visual form.

Well, next time I can try to contribute with some singing, it’s the best I can do for it, though I’m afraid it might ruin the idyllic atmosphere and I may actually be victim of some angry dwellers, by which I especially mean the geese, who are always happy to play their part in that matter!

Imagem   IMG_5167

Clingendael Park – Den Haag

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  2. I love that Van Gogh painting, and your photos of the park are so lovely. This post has brought me to your blog, and now I intend to follow. I’ve also recently moved to a new country (in my case, I came home to the U.S.A. after many years in Europe), and I, too, am exploring everything I can on my trusty bicycle. I’ve just posted the second in a series of articles on the autumn foliage in the woods behind my house, and at the end I included this article of yours as part of a list of links to other posts on autumn foliage from around the world. I look forward to reading more from you, and sharing our bicycle explorations. Best of luck to you!

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